"FIRE: Flexing Independence and Retaining Employment," is a 9-week group skills training opportunity to provide introductory virtual skills training in social skills to make a good impression to employers, career exploration, access job search services, and to discover community resources available to help reach employment and independent living goals.

This FREE training is available to any person with a disability ages 14-22.  Participation in all sessions is encouraged but not required.  Certificates of completion will be awarded.

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Presentation links shown below. Videos available on our YouTube channel.
  • Week 1: First Impressions Matter: We discussed how to make a good first impression in interviews, internships, and job fairs, including etiquette regarding mask wearing, shaking hands, and video conferencing.  Slides available here.  Recording available here.

  • Week 2 and 3: Job Exploration: Participants will identify how to begin job exploration and skill development. Resources and an activity to be completed before 2nd week will be provided.  Week 1 - Slides and activity download here. Recording available here.  Week 2 - Slides available here. Second session was sharing and discussion of results from week 1.  To ensure confidentiality of participants, the recording will not be shared.

  • Week 4: Workplace Readiness: Community resource panel. This will give parents and students access and information to the different types of services available to support their job and independent living needs.  Slides available here. Recording available here. 

  • Week 5: Disability Understanding and Disclosure. Teaching how to know your diagnosis and when it is appropriate to share personal information. Participants will also learn tips and tricks for asking for what you need so you can be successful. Slides available here. Recording available here. 

  • Week 6: Virtual Interviewing: Texas Workforce Solutions Tarrant County will provide interviewing tips for entry level positions. Trainers will role play examples of what good interviewing looks like and employer expectations.     

  • Week 7: Adaptive Aids for Employment. Discover what resources are available to access adaptive aids for employment.

  • Week 8: Money Management/Able Accounts/SSI. Students and parents will learn about Work Incentives for SSI recipients while in school and after they get out of school. They will learn about how to save money in ways that it will not impact their benefits.  Slides available here. Recording  available soon.

  • Week 9: Self Determination and End of Series Graduation Celebration. Students will learn about how to make a plan and advocate for what they need to make their career and life choices a reality. Parents will learn ways they can empower their child towards independence and employment.

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FIRE: Flexing Independence and Retaining Employment, is a group skills training curriculum in partnership with Texas Workforce Solutions.  Elements included on registration are needed for federal reporting.

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