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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 9:00 A.M. - 1 P.M. 
M.G. Ellis Elementary School ♦ 215 NE 14th St., Ft. Worth, 76164

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Schedule of Events

Breakout Sessions NT

9:00 A.M.

Exhibitor Hall Opens

Kid's Activity Area Opens

Visit with a variety of Exhibitors providing services and resources for people with disabilities and their families.

Kids ages 5-13 are invited to enjoy creative design and a movie while parents/caregivers attend Breakout Sessions and visit with Resource Providers. Each Child will leave with their very own creation.

10 A.M. - 11 A.M.

Breakout Session 1 
Breakout descriptions

Choose to attend a breakout session on:

  • Life Planning Nuts and Bolts
    Benefiting families with school-age children

  • Guardianship: Rush to the Courthouse or Last Resort?
    Most useful for families with children over 1

11:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.

Breakout Session 2
Session descriptions
  • Understanding the ABLE Account: Saving for your child's future

  • Accessing Services through My Health My Resources

  • Basic Behavior Management Techniques (tentative)

1:00 P.M.

Kid's Activity Area Closes
Exhibitor Hall Closes


Breakout Sessions (descriptions coming soon):


Basic Behavioral Management Techniques

Many families with children with disabilities encounter behavior concerns in the home and community, such as not following directions and aggression. Parents and caregivers will obtain information and the understanding of why children engage in behaviors of concern and how to respond to these behaviors. Problem solving examples and strategies that can be implemented in the home will be discussed. By Megan Thompson, Keller ISD.


Life Planning Nuts and Bolts
Caregivers have many concerns and responsibilities in the care for their loved one.  How does one plan for their finances, daily physical care, emotional support, medical and education needs, housing and transportation needs, or attendants for legal matters?  Learn the many steps in preparing for your child’s future. By TJ Kroehle, Texas Life Planning

Accessing Services through My Health My Resources (MHMR)

As the State’s Local IDD Authority (LIDDA), MHMR is the first point of contact for families looking for services. Learn about Texas’ interest lists, options and benefits, and the criteria for services. By Stephanie Morris, Parent and Family Advocate, My Health My Resources of Tarrant County.


Understanding the ABLE Account: Saving for Your Child's Future

An ABLE Account is a tax-advantaged savings account to help individuals with disabilities save money. Learn how Texans with disabilities can save and utilize an ABLE account for disability-related expenses without losing eligibility under SSI, SSDI, Medicaid and other means-tested public benefits.   By Heidi Angel, Kelly Hart 

Guardianship: Rush to the Courthouse or Last Resort?  Most useful for families with children over 14
An overview of the laws applicable to guardianship in Texas, the evidence and standard of proof needed to obtain a guardianship and the many alternatives to guardianship. By Judge Allen, Tarrant County Probate 2 Court.

About Our Presenters:

Session Descriptions
TJ Kroehle.png

Thomas P. Kroehle, Jr.

For Families of Special Needs

TJ as he is known, is an independent life planner, who works with families with special needs. He understands the importance of developing a strategic, long-term life plan that takes into consideration their very unique circumstances. TJ helps clients understand their need to develop the appropriate wills and trusts. He helps them see the need for a "Letter of Intent" which defines their special needs person's hopes, dreams and desires through a lifetime strategy. He is knowledgeable in government programs that aid special needs families, and he coaches families in how to obtain government aid, such as SSI. More importantly he helps the family understand how to maintain those government programs throughout their loved one's lifetime. T J frequently speaks to state and local groups such as ARC, Life Path, Down Syndrome Guilds, Autism Societies, Region X and XI, various ISD's and other similar organizations.

Heidi Angel Kelly Hart.JPG

Heidi Angel

Kelly Hart, Attorneys at Law

A former teacher and current attorney, Heidi Angel practices law in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Guardianship (including guardianship alternatives) and serves on the board of the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas. In her spare time she runs, hikes, bikes and generally likes to be outside.

Judge Brooke Allen.jpg

Judge Brooke Allen

Tarrant County Probate Court #2

Judge Brooke Allen was appointed by the Tarrant County Commissioners to serve as Judge of Probate Court No. 2 in October of 2016, and elected for a full term in 2018.
Judge Allen has presided over hundreds of bench and jury trials in the areas of estates, guardianship, mental health and litigation related to estates and guardianship. Prior to taking the bench, she litigated complex cases through Texas and in Federal court. For her work as an attorney, Judge Allen was voted a "Top Attorney" by Fort Worth Magazine and a "Rising Star" by Texas Lawyer. She was also named "Attorney of the Year" by the Fort Worth Paralegal Association.
In addition to her judicial responsibilities, Allen is an active speaker on guardianships and preventing fraud on our senior citizens. Her staff of 12 often joins her or speaks on her behalf when she is in the courtroom. Together, they have reached thousands of citizens.


Megan Thompson

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

coming soon

Stephanie Morris.jpg

Stephanie Morris

Parent and Family Advocate, My Health My Resources

Stephanie Morris is the Parent & Family Advocate for Disability Services, MHMRTC. She is a parent of a young man with special needs.  She supports families by helping them make decisions and choices regarding services and negotiates families concerns with service providers when requested.  She helps educate families to have a clear understanding of their rights and how services should be provided. Finally, she is parent who can relate and listen to your concerns.

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