Partners and Members

The IDD Council of Tarrant County is a collaboration of public and private agencies, as well as individuals who have IDD and their families. The Council invites everyone to the table to develop plans for long-term changes in the system, address key issues and provide immediate solutions where possible, and create awareness and inclusion throughout the community. 

Founding Partners

We value our Founding Partners for not only being the first to recognize the need of an organization to provide awareness and opportunities for people with IDD, but also for their annual $8,000 or more contribution to sustain the work we do. 

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Premier Partners

Contributions of $5,000 or more annually are recognized as Premier Partners.

Elite Members

Organizations investing $2,500 or more annually are designated IDD Council Elite Members.

Organizational Members

Organizations investing up to $1,000 annually are designated IDD Council Organizational Members.

  • Adventures Unbound

  • Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas

  • Fort Worth ISD Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

  • North Texas Special Needs Assistance Partners, Inc. (SNAP)

  • Families for Effective Autism Treatment of North Texas (FEAT)


Join us for educational meetings, networking and other special events.


The IDD Council seeks to bring inclusion and awareness of IDD through community events and education.


Together, we can collectively accomplish in Tarrant County what no one individual, agency or leader can do alone.


Learn more about the IDD Council, how to become a member, volunteer, join a committee, or donate.

Individual and Family Memberships

...Many advocates, people with disabilities, family members and agency representatives become a $25 annual members to support the work of the Council and to help represent a unified voice in the IDD Community.  There is strength in numbers and we thank each of you!

  • April Whisenant

  • Becky Oliver

  • Charity Woods

  • Courtney Page

  • Cynthia Ward

  • Deborah Norris

  • Donna Heim

  • Jeanne Cretsinger

  • Jeff and Laura Golden White

  • Juanita Monturo

  • Judy Blake

  • Julia Rivera

  • Karen Donegan

  • Kelli Crain

  • Kimberly Blackmon

  • Kristen Benford

  • Lacey Eaton

  • Latasha Hill

  • Laura Epperson

  • Linda Harman

  • Lizdelia Pinon

  • Marjorie Daggett

  • Martha Siegel

  • Mary and Brett May

  • Michele Davis

  • Michelle Crim

  • Mike Jones

  • Natacha Mendenhall

  • Rachel Dove

  • Randy Davis

  • Rebecca George

  • Rebecca Swift

  • Renae Arledge

  • Robin Kuntz

  • Shannon Rosson

  • Shawnnita Buckner

  • Shelly Lofland

  • Stefanie Hartman-Sliger

  • Stephanie Morris

  • Tamesha Sowell

  • Tammy Baca

  • Tandy Blackstock

  • Tiffany Arnold

Join us in the commitment to increase community awareness, inclusion and access to services and opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families in Tarrant County. Together we can accomplish what no one individual, agency or leader can do alone.

More Ways to Support the IDD Council

Your regular purchases can benefit the IDD Council of Tarrant County!  When you shop online at, or at your local Tom Thumb or Kroger, a percent of purchase sales are donated. Connect your accounts today.

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We welcome your tax-deductible donation.  Ask if your employer matches it.

The IDD Council of Tarrant County is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

1300 Circle Drive,  Fort Worth, TX  76119

817 - 569 - 4852

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If you appreciate the importance of what we are doing to make Tarrant County more inclusive, please make a tax-deductible donation and ask your employer to match the donation.

The IDD Council is proud to announce we are recipients of the BRONZE LEVEL recognition with GUIDESTAR, Charity Review.